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If you experienced wonderful Results/Gains with, send us an Email & Photo (Winning Ticket) explaining the results you have encountered relaying on the World's #1 Recommended Sport Pick Consultant Firm. We will post your WORDS & TICKET on this web-page to share with ALL MyVegasPicks' Potential & Satisfied Clients. MyVegasPicks is Internationally recognized by the Industries Most Valued Players and our clients consist of Celebrities, Millionaires, Fortune 500 Business Executives, Athletes, Sport Executives, Broadcast Executives, and so many more dedicated and satisfied clients. One Client, who asked to remain anonymous earned $190K over a 3 day weekend. NOW THAT'S A FINANCIAL GAIN !


“MyVegasPicks is an amazing group of consultants, I have earned a substantial  gain over the last 6 years using the advice from” 

Paul Gomes, Domestic Mining Corperation, DMC (Brazil)

Without I would be done by now. They have kept me excited and my adrenalin pumping with these amazing picks. I swear this Las Vegas connection must be the ticket. lol

Katy W. Canada (2018) is the best team of sport experts I have ever dealt with in my entire life and I have hung around these corners for over 55 years. I love these guys.

- Leovoniie G. Brazil (2013)

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